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Join the HSL!

PhD in scientific anthropology

The HSL accepts PhD students interested in the scientific study of human social relationships. The HSL is committed to collaborative, ethical, inclusive research and to open science practices. For more about our commitments and priorities, see our lab manual.

Training in the HSL emphasizes:

  • Integration of theory and methods from across the social and ecological sciences
  • Research at the interface of basic science and applied work, often in collaboration with communities, nonprofit organizations, and industry
  • Preparation for research positions in academia, government, the nonprofit sector, and industry
  • Field research - explicitly including fieldwork in the US and remote data collection (e.g., Zoom interviews)
  • Mixed-method data collection (that is, both quantitative and qualitative methods) analyzed with cutting-edge statistics

We especially encourage applications from those interested in:

  • Pressing issues of the 21st century, including (but not limited to) climate change, natural resource management, globalization, and market integration
  • Diversifying evolutionary approaches to studying human behavior and social life
  • Cooperation, including (but not limited to) collective action, common-pool resource problems, partner choice, and bargaining

International and/or undocumented students are welcome to apply