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Past members of the HSL

Eric Hubbard, MA

Eric completed his MA in Evolutionary Anthropology in 2022. He also has a MA in International Security Studies from the University of Arizona and a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Linguistics at Missouri State University. While at WSU, Eric studied how non-kin alloparents may benefit children. He found that godparents do not affect child educational outcomes for the Moseten and Interculturales, but he does have suggestions for how we can better understand the impact of godparents on child outcomes in the future. Eric is now Research Director at Nupoint Marketing.

Aracely Mendoza, BA

McNair Scholar Aracely Mendoza graduated from WSU with a degree in Anthropology and Digital Technology & Culture in 2020. While at WSU, she studied how Latinx identities are negotiated in Washington state and Virginia. In 2019, she received the WSU Pollart Scholarship for her work. She is now an Educational Planner at Wenatchee Valley College.